How to Eliminate Overdue Accounts Receivable and Improve Your Cash Flow

An innovative solution for getting your company paid faster. As the cash crunch continues to tighten its grip on businesses and consumers alike, many small and mid-sized companies find it harder to get paid on time, or even get paid at all. Most companies can no longer afford to keep every position staffed. With profits […]

Is Your eCommerce Business Too Risky?

A story of Acme Exercise Galaxy Banks and merchant account processors take a risk when they sign up a merchant and the higher the risk, the higher the fees. For example, let’s say Miriam is surfing aroung the Internet for a new high definition video downloadable exercise program. At your website, Acme Exercise Galaxy, she […]

Not-For-Profit: Free Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow

Easy and no-cost solutions 1. You know a number of business people, possibly including corporate sponsors and ‘angels.’ If these business people, at your recommendation, switch their merchant account processing or obtain a new account through me, then I will give your Not-for-Profit a monthly split of my monthly profit from these referrals. As long […]

Can You Find Your “Business Continuity Plan” in 30 Seconds?

When hurricane Katrina hit, when the earthquake collapsed buildings in California, when the Mississippi flooded, what happened to the businesses’… personnel records financial records client records locally stored products telephone systems computer systems intellectual property company vehicles just-in-time delivery delays due to road closures, unihabitable buildings, and clients that no longer needed products How long […]

Anti-Fraud Free Information

Take a look at these anti-fraud sites to learn how to reduce your risks. No-cost Internet Crime Prevention Tips from the IC3, Internet Crime Complaint Center, in cooperation wtih the FBI. Just the facts, ma’am. Merchant Risk Council. The MRC is a big deal with corporate support including American Express, Adobe, HP, and Expedia. You […]

The Rules for PCI Compliance

As of June 30, 2008, VISA requires mechants to comply with PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards to prevent security / data breaches. Here is an excerpt from the PCI Data Security Standard… 6.6 Ensure that all web-facing applications are protected against known attacks by applying either of the following methods: • Having all custom application […]

What is Your Monthly Sales Maximum? Don’t Let Your Merchant Account Get Locked.

Imagine it’s late Friday afternoon, you’re looking forward to a nice weekend with your family, and then suddenly your order manager blasts into your office stuttering, ”AHHHHH!!! No-no-no o- o- orders!” You jump to your computer display and incredibly, you have had no new orders in the last hour! Note: This is a true story […]

Can You List 21 Ways to Prevent Credit Card Sales Fraud?

How To Avoid Lost Time, Lost Money & Lost Products. Lost time, lost money and lost products are the real-life consequences of fraudulent orders. Maybe you’ve been lucky so far and your business hasn’t been affected by fraudulent activity. But what happens when your luck eventually runs out? It’s not a question of IF – […]