Can You Find Your “Business Continuity Plan” in 30 Seconds?

When hurricane Katrina hit, when the earthquake collapsed buildings in California, when the Mississippi flooded, what happened to the businesses’…

  • personnel records
  • financial records
  • client records
  • locally stored products
  • telephone systems
  • computer systems
  • intellectual property
  • company vehicles
  • just-in-time delivery delays due to road closures, unihabitable buildings, and clients that no longer needed products

How long until the businesses were back servicing clients at 100% capacity?

How much did it cost in terms of lost revenue, lost confidence, etc.

How was there cash flow effected?

Where employees still paid?

So CAN you find your Business Continuity Plan?
Is it up to date?
Who knows where it is stored?
What if it gets destroyed?

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