Not-For-Profit: Free Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow

Easy and no-cost solutions

1. You know a number of business people, possibly including corporate sponsors and ‘angels.’

If these business people, at your recommendation, switch their merchant account processing or obtain a new account through me, then I will give your Not-for-Profit a monthly split of my monthly profit from these referrals.

As long as I get paid, so does your Not-for-Profit. As a plus for the businesses, in addition to knowing that they will help your Not-for-Profit, they will improve their own cash flow and have great customer service. They will thank you.

2. If your Not-for-Profit organization accepts donations via credit card…
– I will analyze your current merchant account statements and make a recommendation to improve your cash flow (no cost, of course).

Simply send me the last three months of your merchant account statements.

– You can accept donations over the phone, in person, and over the Internet.
– You can setup to receive donations one-time or at selected intervals like monthly or quarterly.
– You can have checks deposited electronically, without going to the bank.

We can work together to help you improve your cash flow.

Contact me so I can answer your questions and we can get started.