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  • Automated Filler-in-er — RoboForm Get this utility now!!!  I use this program about a thousand times a day. I would go crazy without it. RoboForm is a secure way to manager all your passwords. It automatically pops up when you need to login to anything, and with one click, your username and password are automatically added.
  • Get rid of all the %$#& on your computer with CleanUp! Every night I clean out temporary files and caches with Steven Gould’s freeware program. It works great at getting rid of all your unwanted files clogging and slowing your computer. Plus, it has a great sound when flushing the junk away. Hope these can help you succeed.

Disclaimer: For some of these products and services, I receive an affiliate commission. That being said, these useful product otherwise I woundn’t recommend them.